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Gerald Amandu

Here's My Life Story

I was a naughty kid, born and raised in Northern Uganda, the lush East African country, which the British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill described, “The Pearl of Africa”. 

As I grew up, I had no ambition because life was good. My needs were always met by my parents who were both government school teachers. I had no problems.


Suddenly in 1979, a bloody civil war erupted, and we were forced to escape to the neighboring country, Congo. As we escaped from the bombs, we went days without food and slept in the open woodlands. When we settled, we had to depend on the locals for food and shelter for several days. Life was miserable. 

Later, my dad took us to an elementary school. However, the kids there did not accept us, they constantly teased and bullied us, and asked to go back to Uganda.

I was now officially a rejected refugee kid with no clear future ahead of me

My Early Years Back in Uganda

Gerald Amandu with parents - 1981

After we returned from Exile in Congo in 1981, things were hard. I got to witness first-hand the poverty and suffering the returnees endured because of the wars. 

The country’s economy was bad and my parents, both school teachers, struggled to feed and dress the family. They would go for months without a single salary in their accounts.

As I grew older, I repeatedly told myself that I would work hard so that my children and my family would never have to experience the hardship I experienced in my early years. This protracted suffering and lack became my main driving force to seek success in life! 

My Early Search For Success

In my early school days, I set out to achieve success in life by excelling in the academic world so I could have an illustrious career. As a person who likes helping others, I chose a beginning career in nursing and health sciences. 

After four years of study, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Sciences in 1999. This was the start of my public service career. It was also when I realized that I was deeply passionate about leadership. 

My Early Search For Success - Gerald Amandu

My Search For Student Leadership

In my quest to enhance my leadership skills, I used every opportunity to harness my skill and was actively involved in student politics where I served on several committees and student guild governments. These opportunities taught me about the central role effective leadership played in determining the success of any life and business venture. 

My Search For Corporate Leadership

After I graduated in 1999, I wasted no time to further improve my career opportunities in leadership. I decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Management so I could be a positive force for change in the education and health sector. 

After completing my studies in 2002, the opportunity to exercise my leadership skills came when I was made Acting Department Head. This was my first shot at corporate leadership. This experience was both challenging and rewarding. The challenges I faced in this position set me on a leadership journey where I was committed to learning more.

My Search For Corporate Leadership - Gerald Amandu

My Search For Further Leadership Success

My Quest For Further Leadership Success - Gerald Amandu

After the first stint as overseer of a department, I decided to pursue further studies that would give me more opportunities for leadership in higher education. In 2014, I graduated with a Doctorate in Health Sciences as the climax of my academic career. This qualification created several opportunities to serve students and faculty in leadership roles in institutions in Uganda, Kenya, Oman, Philippines, United States, Canada and UK. 

My Quest for Success in Business

With my academic career accomplished, I set out to create success for myself in the area of entrepreneurship. I decided to leverage my experience in higher education, healthcare and organizational leadership to serve as trainer, speaker, author, coach and consultant. 

A few years later, I quickly realized that entrepreneurship was tough. In quick succession, I invested in several businesses, but all of them ended up in failure. With losses in excess of USD$50,000, it was time to get a proper business mentor like I did in my academic career, where I’d enjoyed accelerated growth in my academic career under the mentorship of Prof. Rozzano C. Locsin, a Filipino-American Nurse Educator and Scholar.

Prof Rozzano C Locsin

My Quest for First Business Mentor

In my search for a business mentor, I read various business and finance books and attended several online courses and webinars offered by multimillionaires and global educators like Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Harv Eker and Dan Lok. 

After careful scrutiny, I decided that my entrepreneurial journey would be under the mentorship of Sifu Dan Lok, a very successful Chinese Canadian business magnate.

I chose Dan Lok because he is a self-made millionaire and one of the few mentors who actually owns a portfolio of successful business ventures. This real-life success record means that his teachings and mentorship come from real-life and proven experiences.

Dan Lok

I’ve come to learn that everyone needs a trusted mentor to guide them to success. 

Indeed, over the past 5 years, I’ve learned several high-income skills under the mentorship of Dan Lok, including copywriting, high ticket sales and high-ticket coaching. These business success skills have enabled me to coach and guide several business owners to achieve massive sales and business success grossing over $7M cumulatively. I’ve equally mastered high ticket closing skills, evidenced by becoming a multi award winner for personally selling digital products totaling over $1M in gross sales in 3 years.

Dan Lok - First Business Mentor

My Search For Second Business Mentor

After successful mentorship with Sifu Dan Lok, I realized that I needed trusted mentorship in Social Media. My search brought me to my second business mentor, Sensei Spectacular Smith, a successful Inc 500 Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Reality Tv Star, Platinum Recording Artist, who has been featured in Forbes, Huff Post, and Inc. 

As a true social media legend, Spectacular Smith has over 450M Social Media Followers and is also the founder and Chairman and CEO at Adwizar, a California based company that runs social media accounts for several of the world’s celebrities and personalities.

Spectacular Smith - Second Mentor

In mentorship relationships, success occurs when there is direct access to the mentor who helps the mentee take consistent action to draw closer to their goals. In a recent mentorship session with Sensei Spectacular Smith, he emphasized the need for every driven entrepreneur today to use social media effectively to serve their clientele. 

It is for this reason that I now invite you to join other 1.8K+ subscribers in the Global Leadership Mastery Community Facebook Group, where I share best practices and strategies on mindset transformation, leadership development and business success.

Spectacular Smith and Gerald Amandu PhD

My Why

Gerald- LinkedIn_ Personal

I’m driven by the belief that each one of us was created to make a unique contribution in this world. And that we each have to live a life that expresses the highest and truest expression of themselves – and to do so in a way that leaves a positive mark on others. 

As I grew up as a refugee child in Democratic Republic of Congo, I realized that many times, we are often most positively affected by people who are unknown to us. Often, the food we ate, the shelter and the scholastic materials we used came from strangers.

After we returned to Uganda, a stranger put a smile on my family’s gloomy faces one unforgettable Christmas morning, because my parents couldn’t afford Christmas goodies. The economy had collapsed and civil servants often went months without pay.

On the Christmas of 1987, a priest drove home with a gift box containing a kilogram or two of beef, rice and other edible gifts that were dear to us as children on an important day such as Christmas. That act of generosity implanted in me a heart of helping others!

Later in life, I got several scholarships that allowed me to complete my secondary and university education including my doctoral studies. These several acts of generosity from various institutions and individuals from around the world have produced in me a deep sense of responsibility to pay forward deeds of generosity to the less fortunate through my resources and services. Today, my life’s mission is to impact at least 1 million people.

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