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Gerald Amandu

Master Leadership Skills and Grow Your Business Exponentially


Leadership Is One Of The Most Important Skills For Success In Life And Business – Gerald Amandu, PhD.

Gerald Amandu Phd - Edited


Join me on my life’s mission to help leaders and business owners just like you to master leadership skills, create high impact  teams and grow their businesses exponentially.  

We help you create the legacy you’ve always wanted and deserve by using proven success strategies I’ve mastered in my 20+ years of successful career as an educator, leadership mentor, high ticket closer,  sales coach and business owner.

“I am grateful to my amazing Coach Gerald Amandu…I have doubled my fees as a career consultant, moved to a beautiful Island in a dream place and my son is now in a private digital business school in Barcelona”. Murielle Maitre, Career Consultant, CEO, Murielle Maitre Corp, Paris, France.

“I am excited for the coaching of Gerald Amandu. My encounter with him was very amazing. I am already experiencing tremendous effects.This is probably the best investment I have made for myself . I’m so thankful” Barbra Tabasan, CEO, Tabasan Japan Surplus Rebuilders Corp, Philippines.

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Join us each week for an episode of “The LeadTalk Podcast” packed with tips to help you  gain clarity on your life’s mission, how to lead people and scale your business. We also talk about career revival and career transition for working professionals and business owners. Every week we dive deep to uncover the success strategies gleaned from our expert guests hosted on the show.
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To elevate leadership capability globally by equipping individuals with high-impact leadership skills and helping businesses to scale  sustainably by building high performance teams.



Gerald Amandu PhD

I was a naughty kid. I grew up in Northern Uganda.

As a kid, I had no ambition because life was good. My needs were met by my parents who were teachers.

So no worries!

However, suddenly in 1979, a bloody civil war erupted in Uganda, and my family had to flee to exile in Congo.

For days, we had no food and shelter. We slept in the open field and depended on strangers to feed us for some time.

Life was tough, to say the least… but I was still alive!

In school, weeks later, I was constantly teased and bullied.

I was now officially a rejected refugee kid with no future.


I’m Dr. Gerald Amandu, also known as Master Coach Amandu here to help you: 

Discover Your Life Purpose and Build Your Legacy

Master Your Mind and Dominate in Life and Business

Master Leadership Skills and Build Strong Teams

Scale Your Business and Maximize Your Impact

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Do You Feel Stuck and Frustrated in Life and Business?

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Achieve wild Success by Training Your Mind To Attract Success So You Can Easily Dominate in Life and Business.

Learn how to take consistent action and become Successful without Sacrificing Your Integrity and Inner joy!

Are You A New Manager Struggling To Lead Others?

As a new manager, are you:
Why this matters?
As a new manager, you need help to shift from a successful individual contributor to an effective manager of people and projects. In this transition you often need skills to help your team members to realize their true leadership potential. If you’re like most people, you will need a trusted partner to help you make frankly one of the biggest and most challenging transitions for any leader.
What You’ll Learn in Our New Manager Program?
After you go through this training, you’ll be able to:
Why Choose Our New Manager Training?

Are You A People Leader And Business Owner Struggling To Build A High Impact – High Performance Team?

As a People Leader and Business Owner,
Why this matters?

Leading in any successful organization requires big-picture thinking by its key leaders, plus the ability to navigate effectively through relationships and competing priorities.

The solution to this challenge is our high-Impact Transformational LeaderTM Program that is designed to equip leaders with the skills and competencies to build high performance teams and the ability to handle challenges.

The Transformational Leader program is designed with you in mind to unlock your full leadership and management capability.

The program focuses on three key areas namely: mindful leadership, resilient leadership and responsive leadership.

Program Experience

The Transformational LeaderTM Program will empower you to:
Impact of Our Transformational LeaderTM Program
The Transformational Leader program is a personalized transformation journey which unlocks the full potential of your leadership
After completing this training, you’ll have the ability to:

Why Choose Transformational LeaderTM Program

Our High Impact Transformational Leadership Training program revolves around a global, powerful and proven leadership success blueprint; one that provides a clear view of how individual leaders work across boundaries, adopt strategic perspectives and impact their organizations.

This Transformational LeaderTM Program provides:

Are You A Respected Leadership Expert Looking To Become A High Impact Leadership Mentor?

You are probably curious and wondering about what it takes and what’s required to get admitted to the exclusive club of Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory Board

If that’s true for you, then before you submit your application (links are on this PRIVATE INVITATION), we’d like to say that it’s critically important for you to know the 5 superior character traits (listed below) our Admissions team looks for when evaluating Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory candidates…

To be be truly, “Pinnacle Leadership Ready”… when evaluated by our Admissions Team… means you must demonstrate that you embody in every aspect of your behavior and conduct these 5 character traits: 

Are You A Successful Business Owner Looking To Scale Your Business To Create Greater Impact?

As a manager or business owner, you may need a coach for various reasons. A coach will always be a valuable companion in your journey of success, whether you are just starting out or when you are a seasoned executive or owner. Coaching can be particularly valuable for leaders like you who need may need support and motivation and trusted thought partnership to help you:
Whatever your circumstances, having a trusted person to engage with you on a one to one basis to help you think through critical issues in your company and life can help you accelerate your growth tremendously.
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