Gerald Amandu


We have no idea if we have met before…

Since you’ve chosen to read this PRIVATE INVITATION and find out if you DO qualify for the Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory… we are confident that these 3 things about you are correct:

  • You know you deserve to be a “wildly successful mentor” this year.
  • You are feeling “stuck” with basic skill sets that prevent you from achieving massive success.
  • You’re tired of “trying” to figure things out on your own with little to no results.

Do you resonate with any one or more of these three common frustrations?

If your answer is, “YES”… then keep reading on because whether or not you qualify to be a Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory Member, it’s by no means an accident that you’re reading this very PRIVATE INVITATION right now…

As you read this…

Are you ready to dedicate 10-20 uninterrupted minutes out of your time right now, (without any outside distractions), so you can decide if this is truly your opportunity of a lifetime?

If this sounds like a fair question, dear advisory candidate, then turn-off any other distraction that might prevent you from concentrating 100% on this PRIVATE INVITATION.

WHO Is This Private Invitation NOT For?

Usually when business masterminding or networking invitations are sent out to accept new members, the admissions teams typically accept all members based on their ability to pay… 

That’s NOT true with this PRIVATE INVITATION.

The fact that we didn’t “send out” this invitation to you … and YOU came to us on your accord … so you could “earn-the-right” to explore whether you’re the next right fit for our Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory Board.

Now that we’ve established why this PRIVATE INVITATION is unique, let’s move on to WHO the Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory Board is NOT for:

  • BUSINESS OWNERS who have the resources to invest in our annual membership dues, but are UNCOMMITTED to the daily engagement with our Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory Community (Entrepreneurial CEOs who want to go all alone, are NOT a good fit with our highly engaged and interactive global community of AAA players…)
  • FOUNDERS who are UNWILLING to make CHANGEs to their current leadership and business strategies so they are able to build high performance teams that can help them double their PROFITS (If you’re frightened of “CHANGING” you ways that don’t work …then stop reading here because our Advisory Board is NOT for you…)
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL CEOS who are INDECISIVE about which business communities can activate “double digit growth” in their businesses so they can build a successful business for themselves and their families ( without having to go through the PAIN OF FAILURE…)
  • As you read this, we’re sure, you’ve already realized that this PRIVATE INVITATION is NOT for everyone who applies to join us. In fact, most of the Candidates who want to join our Global Advisory Community… are NOT accepted…

    (You’ll discover why as you read further down the page)

    However, Dear Candidate...

    When you apply, get accepted, and complete all of the membership requirements you’ll find out about in this PRIVATE INVITATION… you’ll be “welcomed” in such a unique way… it could possibly change the way you operate your business as you know it today! 

    We deeply care about the concierge experience we want to give to you and the few others who get accepted into our elite community.

    So we’re very selective and only accept a handful of applicants…this allows us to protect the integrity and culture of our global community of experts.

    Are you following why we do this so far, dear candidate?

    We’re hopeful that you answered “YES”… because we want you to evaluate this opportunity carefully because this could be the lifetime opportunity of “wild success” you’ve been looking for… We’ll assume, it probably is…

    “Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.”
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Our Qualification Process

    Here are 5 Steps you’ll go through for your acceptance into our exclusive Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory Community where you’ll Get Access to massive VALUE to propel your personal and business transformation. 

    If you decide to apply and get accepted to the Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory Board, prepare yourself for daily private access to some of the best minds you’ll ever encounter in the leadership and coaching world (and some of these could actually become your closest friends).

    The flow of the 5-Step Qualification Process

    Step 1


    In this interview, we get a deeper understanding of your business, your needs, and your team and leadership goals to determine if we are mutually a “good fit”.

    Step 2


    In this phase, when we together decide to move forward, you will send us, within one week, your detailed team and leadership development strategy and completed application to confirm your qualification.

    Step 3


    Once we approve your application, we finalize your payment, review the terms and conditions of engagement and start your onboarding process into the Exclusive Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory Community.

    Step 4


    After your papers have been processed, you’ll receive an email from Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory concierge to set up the onboarding call within the next 24-48 hours. This call will help you know how to access your tools and resources to ensure a smooth process of integration.

    Step 5


    As a Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory Board member, you will receive direct support and mentorship from Dr. Gerald Amandu, other senior coaches and mentors and the entire Advisory Board, consisting of successful leaders, founders and executives like you. We’re sure you now have unlimited access to some of the world’s best minds and support 24/7… to get your problems solved!

    I am sure as a seasoned business owner, founder, or entrepreneurial CEO, you already know that … wild success in life and business is NOT determined just by WHAT you know, or even WHO you know…

    Instead, the closely-guarded secret all Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory Board members hold close to their chest that “wild” success in life is ALWAYS about WHO KNOWS YOU…

    We’re confident dear candidate… you are about to meet some of the WHOs who will support you, hold you accountable and align with you strategically in your journey of leadership transformation.

    “Why would board members be interested in supporting me, you’d ask?

    Our Answer is, JUST keep reading down this PRIVATE INVITATION to specifically find out why…

    Does that still sound fair, dear Candidate?

    If your answer is “YES”… then let’s keep going…

    WHO This Private Invitation IS Exclusively For…

    You are probably curious and wondering about what it takes and what’s required to get admitted to the exclusive club of Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory Board.

    If that’s true for you, then before you submit your application (links are on this PRIVATE INVITATION), we’d like to say that it’s critically important for you to know the 5 superior character traits (listed below) our Admissions team looks for when evaluating Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory candidates…

    To be be truly, “Pinnacle Leadership Ready”… when evaluated by our Admissions Team… means you must demonstrate that you embody in every aspect of your behavior and conduct these 5 character traits:

    • You are a visionary leader who constantly champions new ideas.
    • You are a smart leader focused on the success of your business.
    • You are a compassionate leader dedicated to grows your teams.
    • You are an execution intelligence leader committed to end results.
    • You are a high impact leader committed to making a difference.

    How Many of These 7 Visionary Leaders (Who Embody Our 5 Character Traits) Do You Recognize? And Would Like To Emulate?


    Annually, out of the applications we receive, only a handful are accepted into our elite community of advisors.

    That’s why we often refer to our Advisory Board as the Pinnacle 30™ Advisory Board – we’re literally limited to 30 Member Advisors. That’s it – 30.

    We chose to limit this community simply because we favor QUALITY over quantity. We Want the Best for You!

    What Makes Pinnacle Leader™ Advisory Board Members Unique?​

    We created the Pinnacle Leader™ Advisory Board to enable and support our members to create “ high impact and loyal team teams and NOT just stop at being effective “leaders themselves”. 

    Our core message is for every Advisory member to strive to “Make A Real Difference” in the lives of the people they serve… and NOT focus only on “making profits”.

    We advocate for a heart-centered, servant-leadership model and we challenge all our Pinnacle 30™ Advisory Board members to dedicate themselves (and their Teams) to developing deeper, more meaningful “Relationships” with the communities they serve… NOT just “sales transactions.”

    If you’re keen to become one of the exclusive Pinnacle 30™ Advisory Board members, the minimum commitment we expect from you (and your team) is to be more “Conscious”.

    We challenge and encourage our Advisory Board Members to pursue “high impact leadership” without losing focus on maintaining their Higher Purpose to elevate humanity through their work.

    As part of the pinnacle leadership culture, we encourage our advisory board members to uplift and transform the communities they serve, empower their Teams, and work towards creating a lasting impact both locally and globally.

    “When you encourage others, you in the process are encouraged because you’re making a commitment and difference in that person’s life.”
    – Zig Ziglar

    Dear Candidate...

    We’re excited to notice that you’re still reading this PRIVATE INVITATION because most people stop MUCH earlier out of FEAR and ANXIETY that we’re asking too much of them, too soon… 

    But you seem a little different…

    Now that we know you’re up for this CHALLENGE… is it fair for us to assume you are open and willing to make a difference in your leadership, even if you need to make some uncomfortable decisions?

    If your answer is “YES!” then continue reading this Private Invitation specially designed to have a meaningful dialogue with you so you get a glimpse of the “Pinnacle Mindset” that sets our Advisory Board apart… from most leadership masterminding or networking groups available to you today…

    “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”
    – Robert F. Kennedy

    Pinnacle DISTINCTION:

    In our mentorship experience, we have come to realize that any transformation you make with yourself or your business requires CHANGE… 

    And that CHANGE is only possible if you’re open and willing to be coachable enough to “Empty Your Cup,” regardless of how much leadership success you’ve experienced in the past.

    Does this sound like a deal, dear Candidate?

    The adage, “empty your cup” is an ancient Chinese Zen saying that epitomizes the collective Pinnacle 30™ Mindset.

    When we invite Pinnacle 30™ Advisory Board Members… we’re always keen to attract the top talent with unique skills to serve our other members.
    Truthfully, it’s NOT easy to find such members…

    We have come to realize that attracting board members with the right “EMPTY CUP ATTITUDE” and “UNIQUE SKILLS” is hard to find. And when we have to make a choice of one over the other – ATTITUDE vs. SKILLS – which of the two do you think we favor most?

    By modeling “successful business cultures” like the little known culture that runs the operations of the United States based Southwest Airlines, our Pinnacle™ Advisory Board Selection Team favors attracting leaders with a great “ATTITUDE” first… and then “SKILLS” second.

    The reason is simple:

    We believe we can’t train any Pinnacle™ Advisory Board Member to acquire a great “ATTITUDE”… we expect that the candidate must already have a great attitude before they apply to join our advisory community. 

    As you’d expect, as a community, we can train them (and “them” means YOU), to learn useful “SKILLS” that can accelerate your leadership ability.

    So here’s the deal, dear Candidate: If your “Cup Is Full”,… which means that you believe our community won’t add you much value, then don’t bother applying because your time and money investment won’t be worth it for you. Plus, we prefer not to accept leaders with a “Full-Cup” mindset.

    As we mentioned before, the “Mindset” required for any potential candidate including you to APPLY is to simply be open and willing to start with a “Beginner’s Mind” and “Empty Your Cup” as you complete your application form. We are sure that by having an open mind, your Pinnacle™ Advisory “Discovery Interview” may be one of the most “defining moments” of your leadership career!

    “Hire for attitude, train for skill.”
    – Herbert David Kelleher
    Co-founder and Legendary CEO of Southwest Airlines, USA
    As you read this, if you BELIEVE you’ve got what it takes to be evaluated for Pinnacle™ Advisory Board Membership, click complete your application.

    Unquestionable Proof Why Pinnacle Leader™ Advisory Board Membership Will Make A Difference In Your Leadership!

    You’re about to experience real-life “Case stories” from just five of our Past coaching clients. 

    Many of these Pinnacle Leader mentors started where you are right now reading this PRIVATE INVITATION.

    What made a difference for them was their COACHABILITY, WILLINGNESS to learn, and OPENNESS to make it effective to seek the next level of growth . They also adopted the “ALL- IN-ATTITUDE” which moved them to the PINNACLE Level of Leadership Excellence!

    “A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.”
    – Bob Proctor

    I Have an “ALL IN ATTITUDE”... I’m ready to start my application process now

    Do You Have the Commitment, Willingness, and Decisiveness to Become One of Our Next Pinnacle Mentor Leader™ “Case Stories” So We Can Spotlight You This Year?

    Dear Candidate,

    As you know, leadership mentorship is not a new phenomenon. Even in historical times, wise rulers chose themselves great advisors. Around 500 BC, the world renown Chinese general, and philosopher, author of the book, The Art of War, Sun Tzu once said:
    “Behind every successful Emperor, there is always a great Advisor.”
    – Sun Tzu

    Even the Pinnacle Leader™ Advisory Board Founder, Dr. Gerald Amandu says the same thing. He firmly believes that behind every successful Leader Mentor is Always a Great “Advisory Community.” 

    What we’re talking about here is the collective wisdom, expertise and experience that comes from the leader mentors who are on our global Advisory Board.

    “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”
    – Oprah Winfrey

    Here’s Why the Pinnacle Mentor Leader’s Journey You Will Soon Embrace is Critical!

    Most Corporate Executives and Business Owners are shocked when they finally understand the reality of how important leadership is in supporting the growth of their companies.

    Take a look at these “leadership statistics ” from the USA…
    A Sobering…
    • 83% of organizations believe it’s important to develop leaders at every level of the company, but they struggle to find and develop the leaders required to take their company agenda forward…
    • 79% of employees will quit their jobs due to a lack of appreciation which is evidence of poor leadership from leaders…
    • 77% of businesses report that leadership is lacking in their organizations and are looking for ways to improve…
    • 69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized and they were led in ways that boosted their engagement in the company affairs…
    • 48% of employees view their company’s leadership as “high quality”, implying the other half expressed dissatisfaction…


    And here is a recent study from the United Arab Emirates on leadership styles…

    Correlation of Leadership


    The study on the impact of leadership styles on organizational performance found that leadership styles have both positive and negative influence and that leadership styles alone were responsible for 25% of organizational performance.

    The graphic picture above isn’t presented to you to depress you, or to have you lose hope. We present it to you to define your REALITY.

    As a leader, if you don’t focus on your leadership development, being a successful mentor or business owner is simple to envision, but it’s not easy to execute.

    What makes it easier is tapping into a “high impact” community. The

    You’ve probably been exposed to other masterminds or business networking groups , but the one thing that makes us unique is that Pinnacle Leaders are “centered leaders” who look out for the interest of each other.

    So if you’re considering applying and submitting the Pinnacle Leader™ Advisory Board application form… then brace yourself to get access to experiencing one of the world’s best leadership mentorship communities that operates on “heart centered leadership!”

    Isn’t this the kind of community you want to belong to, dear Candidate? Isn’t that why you’re still here reading this Special PRIVATE invitation page?

    If you’re nodding your head with a “YES!” then take a moment to learn more why embarking on the “Pinnacle leader mentorship Journey” might be a life changer for your leadership capability and your business…

    Why leadership development is vital you may say…

    You see, in many companies, only 33% of employees feel engaged by the leadership – meaning 77% of them are disengaged and do not make significant contributions to their organization’s profitability.

    I know if your organization is like others, you’ll soon realize the need for leadership mentorship because only 10% of people are natural leaders- and another 20% show some qualities of basic managerial talent that can be cultivated into high-quality leadership.

    As an executive or business owner these statistics should prompt you to do what is necessary to enhance your ability to develop effective leaders so they can in turn make your workforce feel engaged in their work…

    This is critical because according to Harvard Business Review, organizations with happy and engaged employees are 22% more productive than organizations with lower employee engagement and satisfaction rates– all this is lined to leadership quality

    What Industry Leaders Say
    About Dr. Gerald Amandu

    Quotes from Colleagues and Associates

    Meet Dr. Gerald Amandu

    People refer to Dr. Gerald as “Master Coach” and “Business Therapist”

    Dr. Gerald is a multi skilled and globally respected Educator, Researcher, Speaker, Leadership Mentor, and Career Transition Coach. He is also an Award Winning Sales Pro, High Ticket Sales Coach and Business Strategist and Advisor to multiple 6 and 7 figure Entrepreneurial CEOs and Founders.

    Dr. Gerald is the Founder and Lead Mentor of the Global Leadership Mastery Community, a free online private community where he teaches Managers, Corporate Executives and Business Owners how to be effective leaders.

    Dr. Gerald is also the founder and CEO of Gerald Amandu Success Academy, a premier high impact coaching enterprise for mindset transformation, leadership development and business advisory services.
    He is the founder and co-host of the famed podcast – LeadTalk, where he and his co-founder and business partner discuss with industry leaders topics related to career transition, leadership mentoring and business success.

    Dr. Gerald Amandu also Chairs the Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory Board, a Global Mastermind community of “heart-centered mentor leaders” as well as the Managing Partner of Impact Coaching Mastermind™, a premier Mastermind cum Advisory Board for 5 and 6 figure coaches and consultants.

    Many of the world’s leading business owners, influencers, and coaches like Dan Lok, Brian Rose, Kenney Conwell, Afshin Sajedi, Barbra Tabasan, Yon Valverde and Rafael Raposo, trust and collaborate with Dr. Gerald Amandu to help them to grow their businesses to scale, build the leadership capacity of their internal teams and increase their revenues by several millions with the help of his high ticket sales, business coaching and consulting services.

    The 8 Frequently Asked Questions We Often Receive From Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ Candidates

    These 8 frequently asked questions are the main questions we receive from our Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ candidates as they go through this Special PRIVATE invitation to join our community…so they too can experience rapid personal transformation and business growth…

    While you consider if this mastermind is both a good fit for you and us, we ask you to adopt the “BLUE OCEAN MINDSET” so you are open to receiving more abundance from the universe. Another important request is for you to adopt a “NEW IDENTITY”. This identity Change is essential for you to transform yourself and your business like a caterpillar into a butterfly…

    When you come to the point where you feel, “AM ALL IN”- when you are 100% sure you want to be part of our premier community, complete your application form to start your journey of HYPER BUSINESS GROWTH…

    Sounds fair enough? If you say, “YES” please KEEP READING ON carefully…

    Alright, let’s go:
    FAQ 1: If I’m accepted to the Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ what is my expected annual investment, and is there a payment plan option available to me?

    ANSWER: Admission to the Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ is based purely on merit. This means that as a candidate you should meet all the terms and conditions of being admitted to our community.

    If you are a small business owner, coachable and are willing to do whatever it takes to add massive value to your clients, then you’ve “earned the right” to be evaluated as a Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ Advisory Member and your 12-month investment for this is USD $5,997.

    KEY POINT: Payment plans are available on request, but only after our Admission Team has reviewed your application and you’ve been accepted to the Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™. Speak to our admission team after receiving the final invitation to join the elite community.

    So, dear candidate, the sequence is (a) complete your application, (2) schedule your discovery interview, (3) get evaluated by your Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ Advisor, (4) and if you’re accepted, you may discuss payment options at that time with the team.

    Is this crystal clear for you, dear candidate? Okay, let's go to…

    FAQ 2: How many meetings do I have to attend to remain in “good books”… and what are other costs usually associated with Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ related expenses?

    ANSWER: Dear Candidate, please note that Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ is NOT YOUR REGULAR kind of a mastermind group where members meet a couple of times in a year. No, we are NOT that regular type of mastermind. Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ is an Advisory Board community to which you have weekly, daily, and even hourly access to the other members. This means you are expected and required to be FULLY ENGAGED always on a daily basis.

    And the best part is…unlike most physically located Masterminds or Networking groups, you are NOT expected to attend any physical meetings or events…our approach is quite different! We want you to use such resources to add an “additional zero” to your business bank balance!

    We see your business like raising a young child which requires your daily supervision and consistent nurturing. This way, we believe you avoid the very common problem facing many small business owners of building a company that causes you (and perhaps your team too) unnecessary stress, worry, and frustration – because your business is not well aligned.

    Wouldn’t you agree with this statement?

    As all committed parents know that raising kids requires daily engagement, we believe that running a successful business demands daily interaction from you as the founder and leader!

    And that’s what makes the Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ so unique, because you can lean on the experience and expertise of your other Mastermind Board Members on a daily basis should you need assistance or new strategies to solve any problems you might be experiencing.

    What makes our community special is that your fellow board members are always willing to support you daily… not just annually, or quarterly - like the other high-priced Masterminds or Networking Groups you might have been exposed to… Sounds familiar? I know…

    And that, dear candidate, is what makes Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ unique and special.

    Okay great, let's go to the next question…

    FAQ 3: If I don’t qualify to become a Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind ™ advisory member at this time because for some reason… What can I do to accelerate my future eligibility?

    ANSWER: That’s a great question... and because the Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ is strictly based on a merit (as noted above), your best step forward is to invest and enroll in our 90- day Transformational Leader™ Certification program that will accelerate your leadership skills development required to build great teams to help you scale beyond 5 or 6 figure business…

    To make it easy for you, click here to get full information about our Transformational Leader™ Certification Program… that is set to quickly help you move towards your dream! We’re confident this exceptional leadership development program will motivate you to progress even faster…

    FAQ 4: What is my next action step after I complete my Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ Application? What do I have to do next?

    ANSWER: Once you submit your APPLICATION digitally (through the buttons above and below), you’ll be invited to schedule a private 30-minute discovery interview session with our Pinnacle Enrollment Advisor.

    We highly recommend scheduling your INTERVIEW within 24-48 hours after submitting your APPLICATION while the information you shared with us is still fresh in your mind…

    And we encourage you to prepare adequately for the interview both, mentally and emotionally – by taking it seriously and showing up on time…REMEMBER, your readiness tells us about you…

    We also recommend that in this initial interview, you interact with your Pinnacle Enrollment Advisor at the highest level of authenticity, honesty, and vulnerability… because after all, a lot is at stake for you and the future of your business. Isn't it?

    You might be curious and wondering why we place so much value on your DISCOVERY INTERVIEW… it’s because we want to be absolutely certain you’re an ideal fit for our highly esteemed Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ group…

    We’d like you to know that entering our special community is not simply based on “YOUR ABILITY TO PAY” like many other Mastermind or Networking Groups out there… and because of that, please read this next paragraph carefully…

    At Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™, we believe that your initial 30-minute DISCOVERY INTERVIEW can be compared to the “spark that will light your fuse” to change your BUSINESS IDENTITY… from that of a STRUGGLING SMALL BUSINESS OWNER… to an accomplished Well Aligned BUSINESS OWNER - firmly set on a journey of HYPER GROWTH and IMPACT!

    So, dear Candidate, it’s important that you treat this DISCOVERY INTERVIEW that way. Fair?

    Now that you know what’s at stake, are you up for the challenge to take this process seriously so you can be helped by the best brains in the Mastermind cum Advisory Board to potentially eliminate almost all the small business growth challenges you’re struggling with today?

    If you’re saying “YES!” then read on to FAQ 5 because it’s an interesting question…

    FAQ 5: How can I be assured that no other direct competitors will be admitted into the Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ to prevent competition and conflict of interest?

    ANSWER: Dear Candidate, when you start living into your ALL NEW Pinnacle Leadership™ IDENTITY, you’ll SOON discover that it’s largely to your advantage to have other businesses in your broader niche that do what you do. Our experience and that of our TRUSTED MENTORS is that the “OLD SCHOOL” scarcity and fear-based mindset that says COMPETITION IS BAD is somewhat now OBSOLETE and even counter-productive to YOUR BUSINESS…

    You’ll notice that in today’s Global Economy, that’s no longer the CASE, although it used to be…

    At Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ community, we have advisory board members from different countries from around the world and we believe in the “NEW SCHOOL”, business thinking, which may require an IDENTITY CHANGE for you… our dear candidate…

    Please Understand: At Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™, we often encourage business owners in similar niches to actively interact with each other because we believe that’s the fastest, easiest, and most economical way for them to learn more from each other’s “best practices” (and mistakes).

    This New Age Revolutionary Mindset and business philosophy that combines Competition and Cooperation is called: “Co-opetition”. It's a SMART way of doing business today!

    Here’s an example of REAL LIFE CO-OPETITION:

    In March 2020, thanks to this new business thinking, the two global pharmaceutical giants Pfizer, and BioNTech, signed an agreement to Jointly COMBINE their development and manufacturing capabilities and they invented the WORLD’S BEST VACCINE.

    Dear candidate, if you’re anxious about competitive business owners being in the Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ with you... then worry NO MORE… because you will NOT be admitted to our SACRED Group who look out for the WELLBEING of EACH OTHER!

    Frankly speaking, the old-school, scarcity mindset way of thinking DOES NOT FIT WELL with the “ABUNDANCE MINDSET ”of our respected mastermind members.

    We are CONFIDENT we have rested our CASE, dear Candidate?

    KEYNOTE: It’s also important to let you in on some little SECRET in our community. We value integrity and our mastermind members are people of impeccable discipline. We also have strict policies on confidentiality to protect each of our members - we protect each other's information.

    When any Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ member is caught sharing proprietary ideas from the community inappropriately without our expressed permission, they will be banished from the group and their annual dues will NOT be refunded. This is how serious we’re with confidentiality.

    Dear Candidate, since you’re still here reading, we believe you’re open to “playing by these rules” so you can REAP THE BENEFITS of being part of this community… so let's move to FAQ 6:

    FAQ 6: What if I belong to other support groups … and I don’t have much time to dedicate to Pinnacle Leadership Mastermind™ Advisory Board membership, what options are available for me?

    ANSWER: If this is your situation, Option #1 is simple - DO NOT apply… and this is why we think so: 

    While you may have a deep desire to join our community, right now if you are struggling with too many other commitments, then you are NOT an ideal fit.

    But here’s what we believe. The current status of your Coaching and Consulting business reflects what you have become as a result of your investing in those other Masterminds or Business Networking Groups. Your business is a direct reflection of You.

    So, dear Candidate… we know like you do that true success requires effort and attention to details. So at this time if you’re unable to go “ALL-IN” into the Impact Coaching Mastermind™ community (like our other Members do), then you’re NOT a fit for us.

    Alternatively, you could adopt Option #2, which is one significant way from Option #1… and that is, it could change your life forever!

    Tell yourself, enough is enough… no more sitting on the fence and parenting to transform my business. Commit to dedicating 100% of your time to Impact Coaching Mastermind™ and watch what happens in the next 3 years.

    We sincerely hope that even in less time, you become like one of the case studies for future impact masterminders to read about and get inspired…YES…this is possible.

    Bottom Line: Dear candidate, we only seek highly engaged and dedicated members who want to create massive impact and change other peoples’ lives. This is key…

    And if you still believe you’re ready to become a member of the Impact Coaching Mastermind™, then please proceed to FAQ 7…

    FAQ 7: If I’m admitted to the Impact Coaching Mastermind™ Cum Advisory Board community what could happen to my coaching or consulting business within the first 12 months of membership?

    ANSWER: That’s a great question we often hear from new Impact Advisory Board Members… And before you get your answer in a moment, take a moment to ask yourself this question:

    Are you delighted with the current pipeline of your New Coaching or Consulting CLIENTS each month… If you’re delighted with the FREQUENCY your existing clients are purchasing… Or if you’re satisfied with the LIFETIME VALUE of the clients you currently have… then, this Impact Coaching Mastermind™ cum Advisory Board community™ may NOT be for you.

    But if you want unquestionable proof of: “What could happen to you or your business if you are eligible and decided to join us? Simply scroll up this PRIVATE INVITATION page to re-read the Case studies of our clients currently coaching with us (You can review them above…)

    Remember CEO Tami J. Hill said about Dr. Gerald Amandu? How about Coach Jun who was all praises for Master Coach Shilpa Joshi?

    Or, what about the exponential business growth experienced by Kevin Khoo, Rafael Raposo, XXX and YYY?

    While it’s still fresh on your mind, take a moment to revisit the other cases stories like the ones we spotlighted on this Special Invitation page…

    All of them happened in less than 15 months!

    Of course, as you know dear Candidate… we cannot possibly guarantee that you’ll duplicate the wild success trajectories of these coaching clients we’ve spotlighted…

    …But what is great is that they are all solid proof that our coaching expertise and coaching business philosophy really works. Wouldn’t you agree?

    The only question for you to consider, dear Candidate, is do YOU have WHATEVER IT TAKES to become our next success story for us to celebrate and spotlight a year or so from now?

    That decision -- if you qualify -- rests upon you. You must be “COMMITMENT” qualified. And you MUST schedule your 30-minute QUALIFYING INTERVIEW…

    We know you’ll make the decision that’s right for you because if we haven’t convinced you how special our Impact Coaching Mastermind™ cum Advisory Board community ™ is by now, then there’s no 30-minute INTERVIEW that can do that for you.

    So, if you decide to click any of the application buttons on this Special Invitation page, make absolutely sure you are 100% COMMITTED before you start answering any of the application QUESTIONS. That way, we won’t waste each other’s time. Sounds fair?

    If that still sounds fair, dear Candidate, you’ve got just one more FAQ left… so here you go:

    FAQ 8: If I’m admitted into the Impact Coaching Mastermind™ community, how can I accelerate my progress of becoming a super successful leader in the mastermind group?

    ANSWER: That’s a great question, one thing we know with absolute certainty is that you need to embody two words in the way you show up: CONSISTENT ENGAGEMENT.

    We notice that members who are not fully engaged don’t make it through their first year because they lack the 100% commitment and courage to level up their coaching and consulting businesses because frankly, Impact Coaching Mastermind™ was NEVER designed to be simply a 1-year membership…

    Dear candidate, here are a few key questions to think about: Is your business a 1-year business? If you’re married, is it meant to be a 1-year marriage? If you have children, are you only willing to raise and guide them for a year? If you have a farm…do you quit after a year?

    You can already guess answers to those ridiculous questions, dear Candidate … So doesn’t it make sense to treat your business the same way you treat your other significant life affairs?

    FINAL POINT: Unless you’re open and willing to stick with us for 3+ years, you won’t achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of.

    Our experience is that great results don't show up in a day… they take considerable effort.

    This makes us prefer long-term members who can stay long enough to achieve success.

    And since you’re here and still curious if the Impact Coaching Mastermind™ is an ideal fit for you, then NOW is your time to APPLY and complete the QUALIFYING QUESTIONS…

    Now is your chance to take control of your coaching and consulting business and give yourself the unfair advantage of what just might become your opportunity of a lifetime… let’s do this!

    Let’s get started with your application Process.​

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