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Gerald Amandu

Meet Our World Class Coaches

Our coaches are among the best in the world in their specialty. They are highly trained and experienced and have undergone multiple trainings in order to become the respected experts they are today. All our leadership instructors and coaches, have strong business experience, excellent people skills, superior work ethics which allows them to bring curiosity and growth to every coaching and mentoring conversation.

Our instructors and coaches have over 100-years of combined experience. They all have advanced degrees and certifications in various fields such as finance, business, education, sales, branding, public relations, and leadership. This allows them to bring industry expertise and real-world experience to your learning everytime.

As our method of work, our instructors and coaches spend time to know you and your organization’s unique goals which allows them to contextualize each coaching session. We take deliberate steps to ensure there is a good fit between you and your coach in terms of expertise, personality and skill set. In addition, we constantly monitor the effectiveness of our leadership coaching sessions to ensure there is continuous improvement.

Dr Gerald Amandu

Dr. Gerald Amandu

Transformational Leadership Mentor

Global Leadership Community
Shilpa Joshi

Coach Shilpa Joshi

Career Revival Specialist

India and Southeast Asia
Doreen Akello

Coach Doreen Akello

PR and Sales Coach

Africa and Middle East
Liz Del Borello

Coach Liz Del Borello

Certified Leadership Coach

Australia, New Zealand & Oceania
Yon Valverde - Image 2

Yon Valverde Amunárriz

Business Advisor and Management Consultant

Spain and European Union
Desmond Soon

Senior Advisor - Desmond Soon

Business Consultant and Business Coach

United States and Canada

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Are You A New Manager Struggling To Lead Others?

As a new manager, are you:
Why this matters?
As a new manager, you need help to shift from a successful individual contributor to an effective manager of people and projects. In this transition you often need skills to help your team members to realize their true leadership potential. If you’re like most people, you will need a trusted partner to help you make frankly one of the biggest and most challenging transitions for any leader.
What You’ll Learn in Our New Manager Program?
After you go through this training, you’ll be able to:
Why Choose Our New Manager Training?

Are You A Respected Leadership Expert Looking To Become A High Impact Leadership Mentor?

You are probably curious and wondering about what it takes and what’s required to get admitted to the exclusive club of Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory Board

If that’s true for you, then before you submit your application (links are on this PRIVATE INVITATION), we’d like to say that it’s critically important for you to know the 5 superior character traits (listed below) our Admissions team looks for when evaluating Pinnacle Leadership™ Advisory candidates…

To be be truly, “Pinnacle Leadership Ready”… when evaluated by our Admissions Team… means you must demonstrate that you embody in every aspect of your behavior and conduct these 5 character traits: 

Are You A Successful Business Owner Looking To Scale Your Business To Create Greater Impact?

As a manager or business owner, you may need a coach for various reasons. A coach will always be a valuable companion in your journey of success, whether you are just starting out or when you are a seasoned executive or owner. Coaching can be particularly valuable for leaders like you who need may need support and motivation and trusted thought partnership to help you:
Whatever your circumstances, having a trusted person to engage with you on a one to one basis to help you think through critical issues in your company and life can help you accelerate your growth tremendously.