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Gerald Amandu

3 Reasons You Might Not Be Making Progress — And How To Break Free From Stagnation Like A Pro

Do you sometimes feel that nothing is changing? Nothing is evolving? And that you are stagnant in life and business? And do you sometimes catch yourself asking , “Why do I feel stuck these days in my life or my business?”

You are not alone… you see, life can sometimes feel like an animal stuck neck high in mud – immovable and hopeless… enough to make anyone feel down.

When we feel stuck, it means we are not  making progress. You can only feel great if you are making progress in life and business. The moment the feeling of progress stops, immediately the feeling of being stuck and miserable shows up – because consistent progress in life and business is the only key to happiness.

And if you’re not making the progress you know you are capable of making, here’s your chance to speak to one of our success coaches so you can gain  some useful insights on how to overcome the feeling of being stuck and lost.

If you are like most people, there are 3 potential reasons why you’re stuck in the first place – and sometimes it’s a combination of all these three factors:


A common reason people feel stuck is because they focus too much on the past or too much on the future that is in front of them. This frame of mind is problematic because, however much you think about the past – you can never change it. In like manner, the future is only your imagination, it’s not real – no one can accurately anticipate what will actually occur tomorrow. So constantly thinking about the future or the past won’t change anything in your life or business- you only can change the present. This is where 100% of your energy and attention should be concentrated if you ever want to be successful in life and business. Be clear that wishful thinking about what could have been or what should be won’t help you make any progress – instead you might get worse.


A person’s physiology determines how good they feel emotions. As Tony Robbins often says, “motion creates emotion.” And if you want to change your emotion, you must begin by changing your physiology. This change in your physical status will help you to change your mental state and break away from any negative thought patterns. As a remedy, strive to have great physiology by keeping fit and being able to use the positive energy to trigger pleasant emotions as a strategy to get unstuck in your current life situation. So to feel unstuck, learn to create a positive mental state by changing your physiology regularly! This change of physiology can be something as simple as standing up and stretching yourself or as vigorous as jogging around to loosen up your body.


Many people often feel stuck and frustrated when they experience no breakthroughs in life and business. The question you need to ask yourself is: Why do some people regularly achieve breakthroughs that take them to the next level, while others do not? And what is the difference between being a “winner” and “loser”? The key difference you would say is that “winners” are determined to dig deep to find the answers they need to overcome their plateau of poor growth, while “losers” are great at “blaming and quitting”. If you’re the person who truly desires to change their status, and stop feeling stuck and lost in life, a proven method that has helped thousands is results coaching. Here’s your chance to book a free call to speak to someone who can guide you on how you can receive coaching from me and the academy team.



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As a manager or business owner, you may need a coach for various reasons. A coach will always be a valuable companion in your journey of success, whether you are just starting out or when you are a seasoned executive or owner. Coaching can be particularly valuable for leaders like you who need may need support and motivation and trusted thought partnership to help you:
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