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How To Motivate Your Teams

How Do You Motivate Your Teams? Here Are 5 Ways You Should Consider!

As a leader, your role is primarily to get members of your team to do the things that will move the needle forward for your department or organization.

And to accomplish such feat requires the team to be highly energized and motivated to keep the fire burning. I know you’d say, “That’s right”! Okay.

Well for the new leader/manager this may not be a straight forward task.

The reason is…motivating individuals from different backgrounds, with different preferences, attitude, and views is challenging job and requires good leadership and management skills. Phew …yes it does… you can be sure of that my friend.

You may be wondering and saying…so what can I do? Well, I got you covered.

Here are 5 approaches many leaders across the world use to motivate their teams:

a) Create a work atmosphere that is as pleasant as possible, both online and offline, because a person’s environment deeply affects them and tension “kills” creativity.

b) Be a respectful, honest and supportive leader/manager because when people feel respected, they can overlook the mistakes/shortcomings of their leader.

c) Tactfully allow your teams room to grow by stretching them moderately to achieve higher and more complex goals as they gain experience to boost their confidence.

d) Boost the morale of your team members by publicly sharing positive feedback for a job well done. This publicity will motivate them and compel others to follow suit by producing even greater results and all this increases the bottom line.

e) Be flexibility in terms of scheduling, decision making and policies. The reason for this is that while, you can be efficient with machines, you can only be effective with people, hence some form of flexibility is needed to accommodate outliers.

In your case, how do you motivate your teams?

Comment below and share your learnings.

Dr Gerald Amandu

Dr. Gerald Amandu, PhD

Transformational Leadership Mentor
CEO & Founder, Gerald Amandu Success Academy

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