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Three Strategies To Resist Burnout

Three Strategies To Resist Burnout

Leader and managers like others also face burnout. As you know, burn out is when your resources are spent. It is the feeling when work does not excite you anymore and you feel wiped out.

If a leader feels demotivated at doing his or her tasks, it will reflect on the team’s performance.
This is when the leader/manager needs to do some work in order to recover from burnout.
We should realise that our work is to, unceasingly energize the people we lead in all circumstances.

I remember times in the past when almost quit as being a leader. Things were hard.
I remember coming close to being wiped out. If it were not for my mentor, I would have given up.
You see, my mentor always told me that when things get tight… I must always remember that I am greater than whatever problems come in my way.
When you are challenged, just remember that YOU ARE NOT as good as you think you are, BUT better!
Knowing this gives me hope and it should give you hope as well, in the face of adversity…big or small.

When things are uneasy…take a break, but do not bow out completely and resolutely.

Here three things that I have done when I feel that I am on the edge of burn out:

• Taking some time off to rest to replenish exhausted resources. Doing so actually helps to refresh and energize you to continue the journey.

• Detachment from the stress of work and other anxiety producing activities. This cool off period helps your nervous system to return to normal from over excitement.

• Engaging in recreational activities like a walk in nature, reading, listening to music, talking to someone special, etc. I notice that the child in us needs “me-time” to get re- reset for success.

Folks, I hope the strategies that I have helpful to remain resilient in the face of challenge.

Have you come close to or even experienced burn out at the work place?

Comment below by typing “ME” and let’s learn from you.

Dr Gerald Amandu

Dr. Gerald Amandu, PhD

Leadership Coach and Business Advisor
CEO & Founder, Gerald Amandu Success Academy

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