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Spreading Positivity

Spreading Positivity In Your Team

Positive leadership seriously impacts organizations. In fact, followers tend to like positive and supportive leaders. While it’s not always easy to maintain a positive perspective, never let negative circumstances dominate you. So always spread positivity. After all, who would want to follow a negative leader?

So be the source of power for your team. In fact, they say, “A leader who empowers their employees is one who gives them as much power and self-determination as possible.” In a way give wings to your team members.

A positive leader creates more productivity, satisfaction, and happiness at work. More often, a team becomes motivated when they have a positive leader.

People tend to become more energetic and acquire self-confidence when led by an optimistic person.

As a result, they set higher goals and put much effort to reach them; and this is what enables them to come up with better ideas and solutions and in the end become better at decision-making at the workplace.

Showing positivity is not only about smiling or looking cheerful in front of everyone. You don’t just tell people, “Don’t worry, be happy.”… remember the “Hakuna Matata” animated movie?

Yes as a leader, you have to do more to spread positivity by practicing these 5 vital principles:


Before you can spread energy to others, you must first have it in you. You should have the positive energy to share with your team. As a leader, your behavior will always be visible, so make sure what you have is something you also want to see in your team. Be the role model you want them to emulate at the workplace.


As a leader, treating your team members with respect is a sure way of spreading positivity. Even if you stand higher than them, always treat people with respect. Show them compassion and let them know that you care about them- their successes and struggles. Remember team members are human before they are workers.


One of the best ways to spread positivity in your organization is empowering your team members. Provide your teams flexibility besides providing them the training they need to ensure their success in their projects.


Supporting your team members when they are having tough times will usually pay off. Be with your employees when they need you. Speak with them if necessary. Try to always serve as their champion.


As your team members’ greatest advocate, focus on what they can do, on their strengths, and not on what they lack. Provide them with affirmations and the belief that they can do something, they can achieve more. And always thank and congratulate them for accomplishing tasks, big or small. And celebrate their successes.

Now knowing this, how do you intend to spread positivity?
If you are struggling with energizing your team, reach out to us!
In the meantime, make sure you keep cheering for your team.

All good wishes!

Dr Gerald Amandu

Dr. Gerald Amandu, PhD

Leadership Coach and Business Advisor
CEO & Founder, Gerald Amandu Success Academy

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