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How Do You Boost Your Team’s Productivity Without Causing Burnouts?

Workplace burnout has been recognized by the World Health Organization as a medical diagnosis, which refers to the syndrome which results from high stress in the workplace that has not been successfully managed.

Like a good parent, you as a leader ought to have the well-being of your employees high on your priority list.

This means that while you demand high productivity from your team members, you do not seek to cause them to burn out prematurely. Instead you must take planned steps to ensure they can maintain prolonged productivity.

This perspective of preserving employee productivity is very crucial in every business. If as a business owner by intent or neglect you fail to preserve acceptable productivity levels, your team members slowly begin to lose their motivation and their productivity will decrease significantly to the total detriment of your business and company.

So, if you are looking to boost your team member’s productivity without causing unintended burnout, here are four simple ways that can be of big help to you. So learn them and start applying them immediately:


Encourage your employees to take short breaks from time-to-time throughout the day. This can mean having a cup of coffee or some time off the screen and off the desk. Taking short breaks leads to more productivity, partly because it “recharges” the brain and partly promotes physical well being due to the improved blood circulation.


Today, more than ever before, more and more people find more comfort in their own home space. Having the chance to work at home enables your employees to do things at their own pace comfortably. This flexibility of where to work from reduces the stress employees experience every time they commute physically to the office.


Most employees benefit from time away from their daily work. If you allow for vacation days, your employees will have the opportunity to enjoy themselves “off work” which in the end is a big boost to their productivity and overall job satisfaction. Hence as a good employer, remember your employees need time to rest and rejuvenate.


A caring employer will realize that over emphasis on perfectionism often puts considerable pressure on your team members. Always keep in mind that demanding to get everything done perfectly leads to work-related stress and burnout. Hence only set clear and realistic goals that can be achieved within the allotted time frame.

In essence, when your employee experiences burnout, it significantly decreases their productivity and causes them to no longer work efficiently. In the end, no one wins. Your employees get stressed and the business sufferers. As a business owner, take care not only about your team’s physical safety and well-being, but also their emotional and mental status, because all these contribute to the overall productivity of every employee.

Well, now knowing that the holistic well-being of your team members is essential for the long term productivity of your business, what are you doing this week to make sure that your employees are happy with what they do?

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Dr. Gerald Amandu, PhD

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