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How Do You Encourage Employee Loyalty In Your Company?

An important question you should ask yourself as a business owner is: “How do I cultivate employee loyalty in my company?” Employee loyalty is at its best when team members feel attached and committed to their employer and the company, hence resulting in increased employee productivity.

In other words, employee loyalty is visible when it’s present and likewise evident when it’s lacking in your organization. So to encourage loyalty, your number one priority is to increase the intensity and frequency of positive emotions team members feel towards you as the leader and the organization.

As a business owner and team leader, it’s your responsibility to understand the factors that motivate and energize your team members. In like manner, seek to understand the root of negative emotions and frustration among employees, because such negative experiences create ground for resignations.

While differences exist, most people are negatively triggered by bad leadership, lack of employee engagement by supervisors, lack of growth in the workplace and poor compensation among others.

Since your responsibility is to encourage loyalty in your company, here are 5 proven ways to do that:

1. CREATE A HAPPY WORKPLACE. Many times employees leave when the workplace is toxic. If the workplace is stressful, employees find it difficult to give their best. Creating a happy, comfortable, and positive workplace greatly helps in instilling loyalty. A calm and happy place is perfect for productivity.

2. ESTABLISH OPEN COMMUNICATION LINES. Everyone wants and deserves to be heard. However, some team members are too scared to speak or reach out to their superiors. Thus, leaders should create open lines and safe environments where people can express their thoughts most appropriately.

3. EMPOWER YOUR EMPLOYEES. Empowering team members is a key way to promote loyalty. Show your team members that you trust them by delegating important projects to them. In a similar way, also seek from them advice or suggestions from time to time to make them feel you value them.

4. OFFER INCENTIVES FOR ACHIEVEMENTS. You may choose to incentivise your team members using money, certificates, public recognition or other forms of motivators. Incentives work because surveys have shown that employees stay loyal to a company that recognizes and appreciates them.

5. BE A LOYAL LEADER. Loyalty is a two-way street. To gain loyalty from your team members, you have to be loyal to them too. This means you have to stick with them and provide your part of the bargain. As a loyal leader, you will earn respect, trust, and credibility from your team members.

Finally, since loyalty is what separates true leadership from management, then make it a priority to encourage loyalty in your company. This is critical because when your employees are loyal, it is very unlikely that they will look for a better job elsewhere soon. This means that you can retain your team.

If cultivating loyalty is a challenge for you, DM us and let’s see how we might assist you.

Till then, keep cultivating loyalty in your team and continue to impact the world!

Dr Gerald Amandu

Dr. Gerald Amandu, PhD

Leadership Coach and Business Advisor
CEO & Founder, Gerald Amandu Success Academy

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