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How To Make Great Decisions

Five (5) Way To Make Great Decisions

Making great decisions without unnecessary hesitation and procrastination is one the defining characteristics of effective leaders. In fact, this capability sets you apart from others.

So, what makes a decision great?
A great decision is one that considers in great depth the various aspects of the situation.

This requires considering various options and then choosing the option with best possible results.

To arrive as great decisions, the leader needs to engage in thorough planning and analysis of the options.

Here are some helpful tips to consider when faced with a challenging decision:

1. GIVE YOURSELF MORE TIME: While procrastination should be avoided, decision-making should not be rushed. Often allowing yourself extra time to evaluate various leads to good decisions.

2. WEIGH YOUR OPTIONS: Make sure all possibilities are listed and not just in your head. Then one after another, carefully weigh and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each the various options.

3. CONSIDER ALL THE POSSIBILITIES: In weighing the various options, do not just think of the positives and negatives. Consider what things are likely to happen because of your decision or indecision.

4. ASK FOR ADVICE: When you are not clear about the best direction to take, talk it out with a trusted senior person. It is often a big help to get another perspective regarding challenging situations.

5. LOOK OVER YOUR OPTIONS AGAIN: At times, before making the final decision you may consider looking over your options again. This reconsideration allows you to change your decision.

Finally, as a leader, since your decisions have significant impact on people’s lives, it is therefore important that you take decision making seriously. DM us and let us know how we can help you if this is a challenge for you.

Until next time, keep making great decisions.

Dr Gerald Amandu

Dr. Gerald Amandu, PhD

Leadership Coach and Business Advisor
CEO & Founder, Gerald Amandu Success Academy

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