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Making The Hard Decisions

Making The Hard Decisions

Deciding on the most difficult aspect is a challenge in leadership; but it has always been a part of the job.

A leader might be finding it hard to decide: why should he be promoted and why not the others? Who needs to work harder? Who deserves a break? What new technology should the organization invest in? Should an employee be fired or given a chance to improve?

This part will never be easy because all difficult decisions often involve other people, money, the name of the organization and big risks. Along with this decision is the fact that they most likely to hate you.

But to make things a little bit easier, I listed 4 steps to follow in making the hard decisions.

1. CREATE A STANDARD PROCESS. Have a set of criteria that you can use when making decisions. Do not just jump into an answer without weighing all the parties involved. Always avoid bias within the organization.

2. PREPARE AN EXPLANATION SUPPORTING YOUR DECISION. Just because you are the leader, doesn’t mean that the people you are leading don’t deserve an explanation. But having an explanation why and how you arrived at that decision still makes a difference. You are giving them an access behind the curtain and will help them to understand your choices. Always remember that when employees don’t get the explanation they need, they will fill the gaps themselves.

3. FORESEE THE POSSIBLE IMPACTS OF YOUR DECISION. Being pressured to make a decision result to not being able to consider the possible effects of a decision to your employees and to the whole organization. Think outside the box. For sure, there are other factors involved.

4. OWN THE DECISIONS YOU MADE. This is one of the essential characteristics a good leader should have. Some may say, “It is what they wanted,” or “It’s not final yet.” As the leader, own it. Be responsible for the decision despite people heating up and not liking it. Someone will always be upset after a hard decision was made, but remember that this is how life works and we all have different perspective.

Some may be hiding behind the curtains but a true leader owns the decision he/she has made. Making an incorrect decision is better than not coming up with one. Deciding on the most difficult things give you the opportunity to stand corrected and move forward.

How do you make hard decisions? Let us know in the comments below!

Dr Gerald Amandu

Dr. Gerald Amandu, PhD

Leadership Coach and Business Advisor
CEO & Founder, Gerald Amandu Success Academy

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