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Effective Mentoring and Coaching

How To Develop, Coach, and Mentor Your Team Members

Leaders are vital to the success of an organization. This means they too must have effective mentoring and coaching skills. This is important because effective coaching helps with retention, performance improvement, and overall increase in the knowledge and skill levels of team members.

Today, you need to constantly mentor your team. This way you get to identify individual team member’s strengths and weaknesses better than if you used a traditional authoritarian leadership style that pays little attention to the continual development of your team members.

Be inspired by knowing that mentoring teams builds a stronger workforce than commanding teams. This mindset change is important for all leaders. However, you might struggle with being a great coach and mentor. And so here are five ways you can become an effective coach too:

1. Regularly ask relevant open-ended questions:

Develop strong relationships with your team members by constantly communicating with them. The more you ask open-ended questions, the more chances you get to mentor and coach your teams.

2. Recognize their achievements and shortcomings:

Coaching requires both constructively criticizing and praising your team members. Acknowledge them when they do well. Ask them to consider alternative ways when they are wrongly headed.

3. Listen to your team members attentively:

Leaders should listen to their team and not just give instructions. Since coaching includes empowering team members, make time for a one-on-one conversation and encourage feedback.

4. Vew issues from your teams’ perspective:

Whenever, there is no clarity, try to view or approach things from your team’s perspective. Each member has their own personality, so take time to understand your team members individually.

5. Use every moment to coach and mentor:

Grab every opportunity to coach and mentor your teams when having conversations with the team. Motivate your team to embrace continuous learning, show that you are interested in their success.

I’m sure you know that developing, coaching, and mentoring your team members help them to do better. However, on reflection, how effective are you as their mentor? How are your coaching skills?

If you need to develop these skills, reach out to us and let’s explore how you might be helped.
Until then, focus on directing, aligning and motivating your teams for success.

Dr Gerald Amandu

Dr. Gerald Amandu, PhD

Leadership Coach and Business Advisor
CEO & Founder, Gerald Amandu Success Academy

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