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Motivating Your Team

Strategies In Motivating Your Team

Do you witness your employees feel excited about their jobs? Do you see them so enthusiastic about accomplishing their tasks and contribute to your organization’s goals?

If not, there clearly is a problem.

Having employees who are unmotivated can bring negative effect to the whole company.

It is proven that motivating and leading them properly is critical to a company’s success.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to do this.

Here’s an ultimate guide to make your team feel more inspired and engaged with their work:

1. CREATE A PLACE WHERE PEOPLE WOULD LOVE TO WORK. It is important that as business owners, you are creating a work environment that people would love to be working in. Provide them with a comfortable space. Along with this, having employees who practice courtesy and respect also contributes to the positive work environment.

2. TRUST THEM WITH A RESPONSIBILITY. When they know what they should do, that is when they get excited to get started on the task. Try to give more details as you can when assigning a task to them. Make them feel trusted by giving them the responsibility to accomplish a project. And when they hand out an output that you think is not as good as needed, let them know, but not in front of another employee. Make time to talk to them privately and discuss the areas where they need improvement.

3. REWARD YOUR EMPLOYEES. When you fail to recognize your employees’ hard work and efforts, the tendency is that they will feel unappreciated. So, try to reward them for their big and small achievements. It doesn’t have to be in monetary form. It can be as simple as being recognized and rewarded with, for example, a certificate in front of other subordinates, or it can be just some extra days off. Just make them feel that you see and appreciate their work and the next thing you know, they will feel more excited to work.

4. PROVIDE TRAINING. Doing the same thing over and over can make them feel tired of work. Provide them the opportunity to widen their skillset by offering trainings which can be relevant to their field of work. Give them the opportunity to learn more and advance their career game.

5. MAINTAIN WORK AND LIFE BALANCE. Avoid giving them an immense amount of workload where they will have to overwork themselves even until they get home. Make your employees feel motivated by still giving them time for themselves.

Keeping your team motivated is one of the difficult tasks that all business owners are facing.
But in order to achieve great results, as business owner, you should be constantly thinking about ways that you can motivate and inspire them.

Every employee might need a different method of motivating but nevertheless, do your best in keeping your team’s spirit high!

Dr Gerald Amandu

Dr. Gerald Amandu, PhD

Leadership Coach and Business Advisor
CEO & Founder, Gerald Amandu Success Academy

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