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Delegate Tasks Effectively

How Do You Delegate Tasks Effectively Like A Pro?

As a leader you must already be aware that delegating effectively is one crucial task for the success of your business. While most know the importance of delegation, some leaders to this day shy away from delegating tasks to employees perhaps because:

a) They feel guilty about adding more workload to their employees;
b) They think it will consume more time explaining it to others; or
c) They believe they are the only ones who can do the task well.

However, regardless of how you see delegation, it is a vital leadership skill which every leader must develop.
On the other hand, it can be really difficult to put into practice because you need to do it right for best results.

You see, if you don’t learn how to delegate effectively, besides having an immense overload of tasks, you will tend to prioritize the wrong tasks, leading to several other negative outcomes for you and your team members.

In addition, poor delegation practices by the business owner also means that your employees miss the opportunity to learn additional valuable skills through new tasks.

When you learn how to delegate tasks effectively, this ability then enables you to focus on more important and urgent tasks while your employees focus on others. As a result, you get to finish critical tasks on time.

To help you and your team to master delegation, here are tested ways to effectively delegate in your business:

1. LIST DOWN ALL THE KEY TASKS. Identify all the tasks that should be done. List them according to the level of urgency or you can use other methods, such as the prioritization matrix, to know how to properly prioritize.

2. DISTRIBUTE TASKS EFFECTIVELY. Divide the key tasks among your team members depending on their individual capacities. Be careful to assign tasks to the right person,at the right time and with the right instructions.

3. SET A REALISTIC DEADLINE. As you assign tasks, make sure to set realistic deadlines within which your team members can achieve the desired results. Give your team enough time to focus and not to feel rushed.

4. GIVE AND ASK FOR UPDATE AND FEEDBACK. From time-to-time monitor everyone’s progress. If you notice mistakes, don’t try to always be nice. Instead, give them constructive criticisms for them to do better next time. At the same time, give positive compliments and appreciation words when they perform their assigned tasks well.

5. REWARD YOUR EMPLOYEES. Constantly rewarding your team’s successes motivates them to do more next time. A culture of reward for good work builds in your organization productivity and efficiency. Hence always celebrate your team members for their achievements- because success is success, whether big or small.

In summary, every business owner must master delegation and to do so requires trust and communication.
Remember that delegating tasks to your employees shows that you respect and acknowledge their capabilities.

If you’re struggling with delegation, message me and the team will let you know how to assist you.

As your coach and mentor, my goal is that you learn delegation so that everyone on your team wins!

In the meantime, keep honing your delegation skills to get the best out of your teams.

Dr Gerald Amandu

Dr. Gerald Amandu, PhD

Leadership Coach and Business Advisor
CEO & Founder, Gerald Amandu Success Academy

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